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Heart led coaching & energy work

My work is for those of you who want to be at peace with who you truly are.

If you are tired of trying to be something other than yourself. If you look in the mirror and find it difficult to love yourself. These sessions are for you...


If you find yourself frustrated and upset by the behaviour of others and you look for their validation to feel good about yourself, then this work will be helpful to you...

Perhaps you are wounded from something in your past and feel vindicated or victim to your pain, these sessions can bring peace...

When you are unhappy, discontent and discouraged by the world at large and feel despair and lost then connecting with your inner wisdom again will bring you peace... these sessions will enable that connection.

When you fully embrace who you are, you will never again be swayed by the outside world to follow others. You will compare every opportunity with your own internal sense of self. "Does this serve me? is this what I believe and stand for? Will this empower me or not?"

You will become your own mountain safe and strong in your own truth or what is right for you.

This will enable you to find your life: Your love: Self acceptance: Inner peace.

I look forward to helping you unearth the true you.

“Karrin has a rare ability to hold and contain whilst challenging and facilitating shifts.  ... The result for me has been long lasting shifts and change in moving through the grief process into acceptance in relation to my Father's death, within personal relationships and valuing myself. 



Karrin coaches to release the mind and uses energy medicine to release the body and soul.  As I said, magic…”


Kay Turner

"Sessions with Karrin have been transformative in so many ways. She has a unique ability to focus in on the underlying issue...
It wasn't quite like any coaching I'd experienced before. It was very intuitive, very spirit led, and it met me exactly where I was at in that moment.
I always know where I can come for genuine breakthrough. Thank you!"
Claire Nielsen
"Karrin is the one I’ll go to for coaching whenever I find myself feeling stuck. She has an uncanny ability to find the cause of the ‘stuck-ness’ .... And at this higher level you suddenly can see the solutions and the possibilities – and now, whatever seemed to block you, is just gone.
A miracle each and every time! Karrin is truly a miracle worker!"
Cissi Williams  Author (Founder of Inspired Wellbeing (UK) and Inspire (Sweden), and the creator of Soul Tribe)


Karrin Simpson

I have worked as a coach and therapist for over 20 years, firstly in business and then as a self employed coach. I came to this work through my own experience and story, and in having coaching and therapy myself, found such benefit from it, that I decided to train in various modalities myself. I trained as an Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainer. I studied hypnotherapy and time line therapy. I took courses in Reiki which started my energy medicine training, and have recently finished a 2 year Shamanic energy medicine course with Cissi Williams. 

Alongside my own personal trainings, I worked as a coach and trainer for many years, and supported workplaces and employees with mediation and conflict management. 

I have always had a passion for people and bringing the best out in them. I have always had a curiousity too, which has led me to uncover and work in not only our physical world, but to extend my knowledge to the emotional and spiritual worlds too. My journey continues and my knowledge deepens, and as I learn more, I hope to be able to bring more to you. To empower and enable you to live your best life, find joy and live in peace.

"You can really feel the energy around Karrin when she works with you and sense a spiritual presence, such a beautiful experience.
One particular session helped me work through hostility that I held towards certain people and saw how it effected my life. Through different techniques, I was guided through and found comfort in this, moving me forward to see how things can be incorporated into my life with a different perception and holding love.
I really recommend sessions with Karrin who has a natural ability to help and guide."
Diane McCabe

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