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How I work...

"Karrin is a truly skilled practitioner. She uncovers the heart of the issue with precision and gentleness, then guides and facilitates its release and transformation with ease.”
Dawn Rosser (Family Psychotherapist)

I listen intently to your story and situation, and as you tell it I can hear the blind spots, the attachments, the expectations, the limiting beliefs, the pain and the fear behind the story.

Your current reality and the situation you are facing is just the outcome from your inner world. Your 'Law of Attraction' in action. Once uncovered, we then gently identify how this untruth is being held in the body, mind, soul and spirit.

At this point, you join me as I journey to the underlying unwanted energy and see how it is holding your authentic self from going forward, being happy and feeling at peace.

In the energetic world I bring you in and together we work through what the core issues are, empowering you to realise your own inner wisdom, resources and solutions. We bring in spirit, experience and knowledge to change, love and support the removal of this unwanted energy.

At this point we return to your body and bring in the new spirit and positive beliefs to be utilised in creating new choices and a new way to be.

By the end of the session, you will know and feel the energetic shifts and feel more at ease and peace with your life situation. If you have very deep or troubling stories and situations to work through you may need a number of sessions to clear the underlying causes.

My purpose and passion in taking these sessions is to enable and empower you to find peace and contentment in who you are and in the life you have chosen. It is important for me to support you and move you through your stories as loving and quickly as is needed for you to gain the learnings and insights.

This is such a trusting and personal journey that I witness with you, that I feel deeply humbled by it. I am always amazed by the depths of love and creativity that I witness as people move through their emotional and spiritual blockages, to come out empowered, invigorated, grateful and peaceful.