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What is coaching and how can it help me?

Coaching is the process of self-discovery with the intention of moving forward in life. Moving forward is motivated in 2 ways…

  1. Moving away from something which is too painful to stay in

  2. Moving towards something which is wanted but feels out of reach

Coaching helps to identify where you are, and what you need in order to move forward. This can include a whole variety of things which are too many to list here, but it will be completely unique to you and can only be accessed by you exploring your own experience and desires.


How can I find out if it is for me?

Coaching is hard to explain but much easier to experience, and as such I offer a free 20-minute consultation over the phone to see if this is something that will help you. To book you first free 20 minute consultation click here


Can you coach people over the phone rather than in person?

Yes! Absolutely!

Coaching can be done in person or over the phone or through Skype. Sessions usually take between 1-1.5 hours.


How often should you have coaching?

It depends on your personal circumstances. For some people just one session can move them from some impass, for others it may be helpful to have more than 1 session, and instead take on a programme of coaching.

The sessions can be taken over a period of time and you really are the pacemaker to the frequency you need to work at.

The intention for all of my coaching clients is that they take only what they need, at the pace that they need it.

Do you offer other services?

As a teacher I also offer workshops and retreats. The workshops are usually just a day in duration and are held around the Northampton area. These are for small groups of people who may have experienced something similar to yourself, and as such the workshops are aimed at people at different stages of their journey.


The retreats are of a more restful and spiritual nature. They are to give you space to rest and accept. To be held in a safe and respectful space and to begin, or continue, your healing journey.