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Workshops and Retreats
Karrin has worked with me for a few one-to-one sessions now, both via Skype and face to face.
I am confident and relaxed around Karrin, she creates such a safe and caring environment. The sessions were guided by talking through the issue and Karrin was amazing at finding the hidden cause, enabling a deeper healing through out the session.
Diane McCabe

Are you in need of some self care?

Do you need to rebalance... take time out of your busy life and destress... of give yourself time to reflect on where you are and where you want to be...

Held at Bay Tree Cottage Workshops in Farthingstone, Daventry. The venue is spacious and on some beautiful farmland. The venue has accommodation should you wish to stay over prior to your course.


I have created a series of 3 specific courses to follow each other. You can decide and join the course that fits where you are at the moment. You can also repeat any of the courses as each one will be experienced differently each time you attend.

The cost of these 1 day retreats or workshops is £125 to include light refreshments and all work materials. Each day begins at 9.30am and closes around 5pm.

The first retreat to completely destress & decompress.


Finding heart space! - Is the title of the first retreat and the environment is gentle and nurturing. The day is created for you to create some head and heart space in a safe way and in a supportive environment. Your questions and personal experience will lead this day, and I will be on hand to inform, guide and support your start to inner healing. 

On this day we will use fire and nature to identify and transform the stress of life, and make way for some space to be found in your own daily routine...

The second workshop is about companionship and relationship


Heart Led Relationships This workshop is again set in a safe setting and we explore our relationships. This includes relationships at work or home. Romantic relationships and difficult relationships. It also includes our relationship to self.

The day's subject matter is set by you, and using your own experience we look at how relationships can be attracted and transformed.

We discuss various communication and relationship principles using the 4 Shamanic archetypes of serpent, jaguar, hummingbird and eagle.

The final workshop in the series is about exploring spirituality


My Golden Heart - This final workshop is a fun filled, dynamic, holistic exploration of new potential and possibilities! It is for the person who is ready to step away from old identities to live a more authentic life, fully enjoying and rejoicing in their own uniqueness! exploring what spirituality is to you and how you can bring it more fully into your everyday life. 

This day will open your heart and allow you to identify your own internal dialogue so you can hear when spirit is guiding and speaking through you... truly it is an inspiring day.

If you would like to book on all 3 workshops, and have 3 personal coaching sessions with Karrin over the 12 week program you can do so.


The combined course price and coaching is £600, but the early bird price if you book today is only